• PixelMC Launch

    Hello, Pokemon fans! We are excited to announce the launch of PixelMC, a new Pixelmon Reforged server that will take your Minecraft experience to the next level. PixelMC is a server that combines the best features of Pixelmon and Minecraft, such as custom biomes, quests, events, crates, ranks, shops, and more. You can catch, train, battle and trade over 900 different Pokemon in a stunning Minecraft world, and join a friendly and active community of fellow trainers. PixelMC is the perfect server for anyone who loves Pokemon and Minecraft, and wants to have fun and make new friends. PixelMC launches at 8PM BST on the 16th of June, so don’t miss this opportunity to join us and be part of the PixelMC family! Visit our Discord for more information and announcements. We can’t wait to see you on PixelMC!